Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Etsy Overload

I am a very crafty creative person. I just love to make stuff and I love all stuff that is homemade. It just has a personal kind of loved feeling to me. Having little man is going to be a great opportunity to flex my creative mussels and hopefully as he get's older he too will have some creativity in him.
Anywho, I was browsing Etsy today and found somethings that I would like to try and make (and if I can't make them then I will buy them, haha).
First is an I Spy bean bag. They have tiny toys in them and a little card on the back that tells the kids what to find. I think it might be cheaper to just buy it then make it but not as fun, haha.
I found this one at Baby Love Blankies

Next is homemade play dough, I loved playing with play dough when I was a kid but hated the smell and the taste it left on your fingers. I thought it could be fun to "cook" some play dough with little man when he get's older. So I put it in my "to do with little man" file! I found this play dough at ItsMadeAtHome.

At buggabugs I found these cute patterns to make things for "pretend sessions" out of felt. I have always been fasinated with felt food and things and found these to be simply adorable. I think I will go to the craft store sometime next week and price felt.

And last I found something that Jonathan is in love with! I am thinking about buying this soon (becasue there is no way I can make it) and just putting it up for when little man is older. Jonathan really encouraged me to do this but I think that's just because he really wants it. Haha, Little man had better watch out or daddy will steal all his toys.

I found this at Mikes Toys.

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