Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Been Awhile.

I hope I am not getting into the bad habit of not posting again. It's just that hubby was on vacation and that makes it hard to get anything done besides "together" stuff. We did get a bunch of things accomplished this last week though. Our flower beds have all been tilled and flowers have been put in. Our deck has been cleaned and decorated with colorful flower pots that were clumsily spray painted by my sweet hubby. Grass seed has been laid down and I am hoping beyond hope it grows. And we made a trip to Gymobree and bought the CUTEST outfit on sale. It's from there Little Chomper line!

I am trying to learn the macro feature on my new lens. So far I have taken 5 pictures and what I have learned is that I need a tripod when taking macro shots! I was trying to get the stamen but it seems a bit soft to me...oh well trial and error right?

Little man is being way more active then he normally is! I feel like he is putting on some kind of rodeo in my uterus...
I am starting to get the GOT TO CLEAN EVERYTHING nesting bug. I am seriously having mini heart attacks over here about dirt and clutter. And his room isn't even half way done! I am such a slacker.

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