Monday, June 8, 2009

Had my baby early.

I had to be induced at 35.5 weeks due to complications. Little man was decelling in the womb and we still do not know why. Anyway he has been in NICU since he was born and I am very sad. He was 6lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long at birth. He is breathing on his own and seems to be doing really well he just needs to learn to feed. I pray every day all day that he gets it soon. Until then I am a very sad and lonely momma to a baby who is living 20 minutes away from me in a hospital.

Anyway isn't he beautiful.


  1. Congrats Becca! He is a cutie!

  2. Becca!! He is beautiful! I'm so sorry you have to be away from Jacob. I'm praying he will come home soon. Love ya!