Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crib Training Fail.

He decided that he didn't like the crib. The sheets were colder then he remembered, the bed more lonely. He finally gave up the ghost and fell asleep sometime before midnight. Waking up just before 3 for a bottle and (here is where the fail comes in) Jonathan decided that he wanted to bring him into the bed. It was really cold out and I think that he didn't want to sit in the cold, uncovered and feed the boy. I was too tired and too busy (stupid pumping) to argue so in the bed he went. Secretly I was sort of happy. I did miss my boy sleeping with us. I missed being able to open my eyes and see him breathing. We are going to try the crib again tonight. Hopefully we can be strong.

It's not like he hates the crib. I sit him in there to practice sitting while he watches his baby crack machine.

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