Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Favorite small toys at 5 months

Now that he is really getting into toys I thought I would document a few of his top toys. He has been reaching for and appreciating toys for about a month now and he has developed some favorites during this time.

1. Carters Blue Puppy Child of Mine Lovey:

(The first  picture above was taken from Amazon.)
This was his first favorite. He started loving this at about 3.5 months or so. It was the first thing he could minipualte because it was so soft. He loves pulling blankets over his face and this was no exception. He also likes the feel of the satin band on his cheeks...and long strolls on the beach with it.

2. Bright Starts Teeth and Read Book

He loves the crinkle sounds it makes and the middle page squeaks. The rings on the handle rattle when you shake them and it makes the dog go crazy which little man enjoys!

3. Bright Starts Snuggle and Teeth Elephant

The body of the elephant crinkles and he love hugging it to him. He also likes throwing it to the floor, haha.

4. Bright Starts Twisty Bug

I don't have a picture of him playing with this one. This is one of the only toys that can stop him from crying. It lights up when you twist it and says little non sense sayings. My favorite is when it says "week-a-peek-a-pee-oo"

5. Bath Tub Duck

Jonathan picked this out for him when we were registering for my baby shower. I thought it was silly but he really liked it so of course we put it on the registering. I am so glad we did. He smiles when he see's his duck. Every.Single.Time. He loves this thing. I think it has to be his all time favorite so far.

6. Winkle

This was a toy that he was suppose to get for Christmas. He obviously did not. It's easy to grab on to and easy to chew. Him and I both love it.

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