Monday, November 9, 2009

My Son is Lyle Lovett in Disguise

His hair on just the top front part of his head has grown exponentially. He now looks like Lyle Lovett. I tried to take a picture of it today while he was in his bouncer but he has gotten the hang of bouncing in the last few days and is currently trying to bounce his way to the moon. It's so cute! He will bounce so hard that his head will go flying forward and hit the front of his bouncer. Poor kids has my short genes and doesn't fit very well in it.
Anyway on to his hair:

Also we went to the doctor today for a rash on his feet and he has no idea what it is. I am a little worried. And we also found out he is officially teething, it explains him cutting his sleep almost in half.


  1. ha ha! I have a Lyle Lovette style picture of my now nearly 10 year old daughter as a baby. How time flies. Enjoy it!!!

  2. He still has this little curl! I love it!