Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Man's Official First Christmas Gift List

We made it through his first Christmas and even though I said we weren't going to go crazy with the presents we did, and so did everyone else. Here is his official what-I-got-for-Christmas list.

From your great grandpa and grandma on your mom's side  
Nuby sippy cup
baby plate

From your great grandma on your mom's side (paternal) 
Teething Ring
College fund

From your great ito and grandma on your dads side 
Lands End microfleece baby blanket
Lands End set of 2 crib sheets

From your great granddad and great gram

25 dollars

From your mom and dad

Fisher Price Piano
Ball Miniland
Fisher Price Links
Teether toy
Mr. Potato head
Leap Frog Drum
Book: I Love You Through and Through

From your ita and granddad
Bug Fill and Spill
Mail Box Fill and Spill
Leap Frog Activity Table
Book: Tickle the Pig

From your grammy and papa
Wooden Bead Maze
Wooden Ring Stacker
Sock Monkey
Peek-a-boo blocks
An outfit
An Old Navy Jacket
Hat and gloves
My Pal Scout
Booster seat

From your aunts and uncles
Pat the Cat

In your first stocking:
2 wooden airplanes
A package of socks
Sippy cup

And some pictures!

Christmas eve:

Christmas Day!

Little man's first blizzard:

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