Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome To The Worlds Smallest Living Room

Ok, well maybe the worlds smallest is a slight exaggeration. It is quiet...cozy. It is 7' wide and a lot more then 7' long. I think I have done the best I can with it to make it look quite nice considering. This is where little man spends a lot of time learning how to crawl and hanging out while mommy cleans the house. The dog loves to sun bathe when the sun is coming through the west window and the baby loves to yell at the dog while he does this. I am thinking of getting white sheers for the windows instead of the red curtains but I am not sure.


  1. I wish you said how long it is....7' x ? Is it 12? 16? 20? It will help me in designing the REALLY small 12x12 living room I'm going to have!

  2. It was 7x13. The problem was that it was really just an extra wide hall way (long and skinny).