Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pioneer Woman: Recipe 2 and 3

Sorry about the bad picture; I didn't change the aperture from when I was taking pictures of the boy. You get the idea though.

Good Ol' Basic Mexican Rice

I stink at making rice that isn't instant. For some reason some of the rice grains always stay crunchy and this recipe was no different. It's not the recipe it's me. I'm sorry rice you and I can never be happy together ::puts finger up to the metaphorical rice lips:: shhhh it's not you baby, it's me. The recipe was good though! Despite the crunchy grains here and there. Fast and easy.

White Chicken Enchiladas

This was a pain in my ass to make. I put the chicken on to boil at noon and didn't finish till 4:30. Granted a lot of that time was spent boiling chicken and having a baby clinging to me didn't help make it any easier but still. I am sure the next time I do this recipe it will go faster. The first time making a recipe is always awkward and slow (for me at least). As far as taste goes, well it was out of this world. I bet I could use the same recipe but substitute pork for the chicken. The biggest plus is that it is SO filling. Two enchiladas and I was stuffed to the gills. We have enough for 3 more meals! All in all I think it was a pretty successful endeavor.

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