Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Man's First Easter

Today was packed full of family and fun!

This morning we opened our basket, he really enjoyed shaking the plastic puff-filled eggs. Honestly though, we enjoyed the basket more then he did. He picked through it, ate some grass and then crawled away from it as fast as his little legs could go. He would rather have played with the dog food bowl ::sigh::


After catching the get-away boy we settled him on daddy's lap to read his new book. He really liked the texture patches of it.


After a bit more crawling, wallowing and playing it was nap time. Once nap was over it was off to meet up with ita and grandad for lunch! While there little man received two new Richard Scary books.(YAY for books)

Then it was back home for a walk around the block and some more crawling, wallowing, and playing (this seems to take up a lot of our day).

By mid afternoon it was time to go to Grammy and Papas! Where Grammy made a delicious ham dinner (seriously it was the best ham I have ever had). If you look closely at this picture you will see he is COVERED in maple puff crumbs.


Soon it was back home and off to bed.

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  1. Great pictures! He's so adorable. Jaslyn has that exact book as well. She loves it! glad you guys had a great Easter.