Sunday, April 11, 2010

A New Collection Obsession Ensues!

This weekend Jonathan (with much protesting) and I went to check out an antique shop that I discovered existed through this yummy blog.

It was a dream of a shop!

There were so many things I could see myself taking home. We ended up with a Dr. Pepper box that was made in our home town in the 60's and a bottle. We are now on the hunt for the rest of the bottles to fill up our little box. I say we because even though he protested about going there Jonathan actually enjoyed the store and the idea of completing the bottle collection!



  1. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog through and just wanted to say that all of your photo's are beautiful! I was wondering what kind of camera/lens you use and how you get such bright indoor shots. Thanks!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the compliment! I use a Canon 5D mark II and shoot on manual setting to get correct exposure.