Friday, June 18, 2010

A Life Lesson: Sharing

I guess I lied. I found these pictures on my camera today, I promptly downloaded them. The lighting is horrible and they are a little blurry but I don't care. I have mommy goggles on and he is precious.

Little Man is really into sharing right now. It is his hearts greatest desire that you partake of and enjoy that which he is enjoying - the dog, I suppose is no exception.

Here he is sitting on the floor with his cheerio's. Notice the hungry puppy sitting beside him?
wsfeedingmu (2 of 3)
Well Little Man notices too and promptly tries to stuff his cherio's in poor Mushu's mouth.

wsfeedingmu (1 of 3)

Mushu, as you can tell, doesn't seem to mind. :)

wsfeedingmu (3 of 3)