Saturday, October 16, 2010

For The Love Of Cheerios

Within the last month a new ritual has started in our household. After breakfast Cheerios (or second breakfast as I sometimes like to call it) has become a mandatory occurrence that must be carried out lest you displease the monster that lurks with in my son, haha.

He will carry his little bowl of Cheerios from room to room as I clean the house (and not far behind him is a little dog hoping for one of those nuggets to fall from Jakes chubby little hands). When he runs out he will race to the kitchen with his bowl held out in front of him yelling gar-larg-larg-larg-garla, which I have come to interpret as 'if you value your peace and quiet I would suggest that you fill my bowl with more Cheerios. If this does not commence in a quick fashion there will be hell to pay' - loosely translated of course.

I am sure at least half the chub on his little body is thanks to the Cheerios in which he devours. 

wscheerios (3 of 5)
wscheerios (1 of 5)
wscheerios (2 of 5)
wscheerios (4 of 5)
wscheerios (5 of 5)


  1. 1) He is just the cutest thing ever!
    2) I must have those PJ's - where are they from?
    3) Cheerios are a big hit here too. We do the Multi Grain ones and even I love them. :)

  2. Thanks!
    The PJ's are from walmart. :)

  3. So cute!! Cheerios are a must for us too!

  4. Where's my new bump photos AND . . . did you get your ultrasound yesterday? Don't keep us blog readers hanging, man! LOL