Friday, December 10, 2010

Tonka Time!

Grammy doesn't have very many toys at her house for Jake but she does have a couple of Tonka trucks that use to be my little brothers when he was a tiny boy. He loves all of them but his favorite is the dump truck.

All cars and trucks are baa-rooms to him so as he pushes his little truck around you can hear him go baa-room baa-room. Too cute!

wsJakedec (2 of 3)

wsJakedec (1 of 3)


  1. How cute! :) He looks so grown-up! I just love his little blonde hair, don't cut it!

  2. I won't! I have been getting a few girl comments from older men and it's been driving me nuts but I can't bring myself to cut his curls! I just can't!