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A Birth Story In Pictures...and Words.


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Pictures taken by my mother-in-law.

Now for the written story.

February 18th:

It began around 9:00 on a Friday night. I started having slightly painful cramps in my back that came and went in waves. It occurred to me that it could be labor pains but since it was in my back I wasn't sure.

I ended up loosing a lot of what I thought was my mucus plug about 30 minutes after the pains started.

I sat in the dark at my computer and timed them trying to find a pattern to confirm that it was indeed labor but they were all over the place ranging from 8 to 15 minutes apart and lasting 30-45 seconds. Around midnight I was finally able to get some sleep as fitful as it was.

February 19th:

At 5am the next morning I woke up with the same pains running through my back and a sudden fear that I didn't have enough hats for the baby and the need to rectify that as soon as possible. So I set to work crocheting hats.

Jacob woke up late that morning so I was the only one awake for about 3 hours. During this time I timed my back pain (still not sure if they were really contractions or not) and they were still 5-12 minutes apart lasting 30-55 seconds. No real pattern to them at all.

When Jonathan woke up at around 8 I told him I think I am having back labor but was unsure. He became antsy and excited at the knowledge and called both our moms. When I talked to my mom I told her it was probably nothing but Jonathan and her both just knew I was having a baby today!

Because Jacobs birth was such a surprise I didn't get a chance to eat before induction with him so I was very hungry during labor. I wasn't going to let that happen again, so if this was the real thing I was going to eat. I told Jonathan I wanted enchiritos from Taco Bell for lunch. So we both got ready and then got Jacob ready and headed out for lunch. We ended up going to Taco Bueno instead and got our food to go and went to the park to eat it because it was such a nice day. After we ate we let Jacob play on the park toys for a few minutes. It was a lovely outing.

After that I told Jonathan to go and get a haircut while I put Jacob down for his nap. The whole time he was gone I continued to have the back pains.

At 1:30 I left for my shower that my best friend so graciously hosted for me. It was a small gathering but lots of fun. During the shower it felt like the pains were getting farther apart (though I wasn't sure because I had nothing to time them with) but more painful.

Towards the end of the shower I was urged to call the doctor on call and ask if I should go in to labor and delivery to get checked out. When he called me back I explained to him what had been happening and he told me that it was unlikely that I would be in labor this early. He told me to drink water and see if the pains got closer together and more painful. I felt a little disappointed and slightly embarrassed for even calling. When I told everyone what the doctor had said they were angry and claimed him to be stupid.

We left the shower around 4:30 and headed home. When I got back to our house I realized I had left my purse at Laurens and so we had to go all the way back and get it. It was on our way back to Laurens house that I thought I might actually need to go to labor and delivery anyway. I told Jonathan that after we put down Jacob for the night we should go and get me checked out.

By the time Jacob was down and we were getting ready to leave I started having doubts about going. I didn't want to be that crazy lady that thought she was in labor but really wasn't. Jonathan insisted that I go so I called the hospital and let them know I was on my way.

We got there a little after 8. I got checked into triage and hooked up to all the little monitors. Sure enough the back pain was real contractions. So my nurse prepared to do an internal on me. She asked what my last internal had shown and I told her 2cm and 60% effaced. As she did the internal the look on her face was priceless. She actually looked shocked. I asked her if I was still 2 and 60 and she slowly said no and felt around a bit more. She said I was 5 and 80. I asked what that meant and she said 'it means you are staying and having a baby tonight'.

As we get me settled into an actual labor room I come to find out that because I sounded so chipper on the phone with them that I wouldn't be in labor at all. Everyone said I was in such good spirits to be so far along and having back labor.

As I got settled into the room they hooked me up to my antibiotics and such. I was very pleased that it only took one stick to get my IV in (although she did have to chase down the vein) as it usually takes no less than 3.

I really wanted to try to go with out an epi this time since the last one I got was placed too high and I couldn't breath well. It also left me with back pain. As it turns out back labor is a hard thing to go through and I ended up breaking down at 7 cm (almost 11pm) and getting one. It was much better this time except for the fact that the anesthesiologist had to poke me 3 times to get it placed right. It hurt bad all three times.

My water broke on it own around midnight.

A little before 2 I was ready to push, however my doctor wasn't there. He was still driving to the hospital. So I got to do baby pushes (just enough to relieve the pressure) for about 30 minutes. When the doctor arrived things went fast. They broke the bed down and had me in pushing position in a matter of minutes. 4 contractions later my baby girl was born into this world. It was just as amazing as when Jacob was born. I held my breath as she took her first. They placed her in my arms and she was beautiful. Born at 3:03 am on February 20th, weighing 7lbs 11oz and 19 inches long, my Emma Olivia.

That whole night I got to be with her. We did all the normal things that we didn't get to do with Jacob because he was premature. Jonathan got to help with the first bath. I got to hold her when I was taken to my room. It was bliss.

It didn't last.

She showed distress and signs of infection on the second day and she was taken to NICU for a 7 day stay. It's our luck I guess and a big reason we are not having any more children.

However her birth was as perfect as I could ask for.

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  1. I love the pictures! This is a great way to remember the special day!