Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Stab At Newborn Pictures

Crying, mewling, pooping, fussing, squirmy, stubborn these are the words that describe our photo session yesterday.

I really wanted to get some good newborn pictures of Emma. Due to the NICU I wasn't able to with Jacob and I thought I wouldn't be able to this time wither Emma, however, she was discharged right in time and so yesterday I set out to accomplish this feat.

And what a feat it was! She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't sleep, she was gassy, and poopy, she didn't want her limbs messed with nor did she want anything to do with any soothing.

She's a spirited one she is.

Here is my attempt. I will try to get more in the next couple of days but I am sure that it will be as big of a fail as this one was.

She is precious though. :) I'm quite smitten.


wsemma (1 of 1)-3

wsemma (2 of 2)

wsemma (1 of 2)


  1. i think they turned out great!!!

  2. She is so beautiful!!! These pictures are amazing!!!

  3. This are great, I LOVE her pouty little face :)

  4. You done good Mama! She is beautiful!

  5. Ummmm... what are you talking about???? This is not a fail!!! These are GORGEOUS, as is your sweet girl. Congratulations! :)