Monday, April 25, 2011

Legos - a love affair

You might think the title of this post refers to Jacob but you would be wrong. Yes, that's right, the love affair that I am talking about is between legos and my husband. Before Jake was even born Jonathan was talking about how much fun they would have playing legos together. He would walk up and down the aisles and drool over which sets they would own and reminisce about the legos he had and the ones he always wanted but could never afford. We bought Jakes first set of legos for Christmas this year and when he first opened them he couldn't care less about them. I could see Jonathan deflate a little as he mumbled hopefully that maybe he was just too young for them. I assured him that was the case and I put them up in his closet for a few months. When we moved to the new house I dug them back out and he took right to them. Now they are one of his favorite toys. Needless to say I am relieved and both husband and son are happy as larks.

wslegos (7 of 7)

wslegos (5 of 7)

wslegos (6 of 7)

wslegos (4 of 7)

wslegos (1 of 7)

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