Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Really Rough Day (so far).

My day started at 1:30 this morning when I was startled awake by the sound of thunder pealing through the night. The sound was so loud it made me think the roof was being torn off our house. I got all cuddled up in Jonathan's arms and tried to settle myself back down to sleep but after being awoke in the manner that I was it just wasn't going to happen. So as the it stormed outside with it's straight-lined winds, hail and thunder I laid wide awake. At about 4 in the morning I realized that I wasn't going to get to sleep so I got up and did some stuff on the computer. I am trying to get back into photography with the upcoming baby and all, so I looked at photo blogs for inspiration. Around 6 I decided to try to sleep again so I laid down in bed and finally got to sleep. Jonathan's alarm went off at 7. Then at 7:30ish he couldn't find his pants so he had to wake me up and ask me. Then at 9 my mother called wanting a phone number out of the phone book. It was then that I said screw it to sleep.

Fast forward to around 10:15 this morning. Being today is laundry day I sort the laundry and started a load in the washer. Everything is fine until it comes time to dry. I put in the dryer and start it up and it sounds like there is tennis shoes pounding away in my dryer as it turns. I open it up and sort through the wet laundry looking for the source only to find nothing. So now I have 2 loads of wet laundry and no way to dry it. I also have no pants to wear because at this current time I only own one nice pair of maternity pants and one meh pair (they were giving to me by a church member and they don't fit quite right) and both are soaking wet. To top it all off last summer one of the branches in my neighbors yard comes tumbling down and breaks my clothes line so I have no way to hang them up outside.

I hope to update my blog soon with news of a better day. Till then this has been a good vent.

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