Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Truffles and Cribs and everything nice...almost.

The nice...
I have been trying to organize a wedding shower for my sister-in-law. She is getting married this October and so, being the maid-of-honor, it is my job to put together the shower.

This is both a positive and a negative for me. Positive being that I love decorating and organizing and all that comes with throwing a party. Negative being that I have never thrown a party before, never in my 25 years!

To top it all off I will be blessed with a 3 month old around the time of the party :) I have been looking for food to serve at the party and I have started practicing. My first recipe to try was cake balls. OH MY GOODNESS! These are to die for! I got the recipe off of the pioneer woman cooks blog (she has the yummiest recipes). Here is my first try (they are a little messy so don't laugh).

It is almost April so I have my little seed pots started. I can never get actual flowers to grow from these pots. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I am horrible at starting flowers from seeds. This year I am trying to cover my fence with different colors of morning glories and so far they seem to be growing really well. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was just watching the weather though and it's suppose to snow this Saturday. Didn't anyone tell the weather that it's spring! But anyway look at those little bitty leaves! Aren't they cute? They are outside right now soaking up the sun! GROW FLOWERS GROW!

While I was outside I got a picture of my furbaby, he hates his picture taken. Right now he is giving the a look that says "I am too beautiful for the camera, go back to taking pictures of your spindly weeds". Hehe, he is such a snob. But look at those cute teeth sticking out! How can you resist that face.

And while I was downloading the pictures I took today I found pictures from when Jonathan and I put the crib together. What an exciting day! The crib was a gift from my mom and dad. As soon as I saw it in the store I fell in love. It was really not that difficult to put together and I think for both of us it's one of the major steps for us in this little baby being real. Now that it's all together we go in there and try to imagine our little one laying in it (sappy I know, but I don't care). I need to get some pictures of the crib finished with the bedding that we picked out. I will work on that next.

And now the not so nice...
You know how yesterday I thought my washer was broke. Well it was making a sound like the belt was snapped. I looked inside and there was nothing in the actual dryer that I could see that would be making the noise. I took all the clothes out and put them back in one by one and still didn't see anything. Well Jonathan got home and we took the washer apart and the belt was fine. So I took everything out again and that's when I saw it. Jonathan's ipod...dead. Oh how I cried. It was in the one pair of pants that I didn't check. I checked them all but one! It was a good ipod. I got it for him for Christmas one year. It was a real surprise because we were really poor that year but it was being discontinued and so I got a really good price. It looks like I will be getting him a new one in the near future (good thing I have a little bit of my Christmas money still saved).

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