Monday, March 30, 2009

What a day!

So my "what a day" day actually started yesterday when Jonathan tried to leave for work. I could hear the car trying to start outside and knew it was bad news. The car had been threatening to die for sometime and I guess it decided that this snowy weekend was as good of time as any.

Several problems arose from this however, one being that I had a doctors appointment today and no way to get there. My mom couldn't take me because my dad's car had also broken down and he had to take her car and so my mother-in-law ended up having to take a personal day just to take me.

I get there expecting a regular appointment and end up having the longest appointment I ever had.

First, I get called back and they do the normal pee in a cup, blood pressure, and weight check (only up 3 lbs!) and then while we were listening to the baby's heart beat (sounding good!) I happen to mention that I was itchy all over and so I ended up over at the lab.

Oh and while I was there the doctor thought it would be nice to run my glucose test as well...great.

They first drew my blood to test me for PUPPPS and then I had to drink this sprite like drink that tasted like it had a cup of sugar in it and wait an hour to get my blood drawn again.

The down side to this is that I hadn't eaten anything all day so I was dizzy and sick and very sleepy. After an hour passed I got my blood drawn a second time (the nurse could not get my vain so she had to chase it with the stuff) and then I could leave to go eat something.

We get out to the car and finally wiggled out of the tight parking spot when Jonathan calls needing his wallet (lunch is postponed again). We drove over to his work and gave him his wallet. Then I was finally able to eat!

On the plus side my in-laws gave us their old car so we don't have to worry about fixing the dead car just yet! We just got the title and insurance on it this afternoon and so we are going out on it's maiden voyage tonight to register for the baby shower! (sorry for the bad picture but you get the idea)

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