Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Menu Planning and More!

I have decided to try a new way of meal planning. I usually just do it from week to week but I am going to try to make a monthly menu plan, that way if I see something on sale at the store for my menu for a week I am not shopping for I can pick it up at the sales price...if that makes any sense at all. So today while I was doing laundry (I hate laundry day by the way) I made my monthly menu.

And here it is:

Week one:
Steak Sandwiches w/ fries
Tacos and chips w/ homemade guacamole
Homemade pizza
Breakfast for dinner
Week two:
Club sandwiches w/ chips
Sweet and sour pork and fried rice
Steak Fajitas
Chicken Alfredo w/ salad
Week three:
Pork Spirals w/ red pepper sauce
Penne pasta bake w/ spinach salad and garlic cheese bread
Hot pastrami sandwiches and chips
Chicken Spaghetti
Week four:
Chicken Scallopine
Steak Quesadillas

You will notice that I only have four meals per week listed, well that's because it is cheaper to eat left overs the second day then it is to make a whole new meal. Plus only being two of us right now it's kind of hard to cook for just two so I cook for four. I will post some of my recipes with pictures throughout the month.

Tonight for dinner it's homemade chicken noodle soup! My mom use to make this for me sometimes when I was sick as a kid. It's a real simple recipe too so I love to make it on cold lazy days. Here is the recipe (warning: it's homemade so it's a very non precise recipe, i.e. I don't measure anything, most of my other recipes are more precise).

1 small package of chicken wings
1 1/2 bullion cubes
1 package of egg noodles

In a large stock pot place your chicken wings and fill the pot with water until the wings are completely covered (I usually fill the pot about two inches above the chicken wings). Place over medium-high heat for about an hour and a half. Remove pan from heat and place chicken wings in a bowl to cool (leave the stock in the pot). When the wings are cool enough to touch (you still want them very warm because you can't do this step easily otherwise) separate the skin and bone from the meat. Place the meat in a bowl and throw away the bone and skin. Now add about 2 cups of water to your pot and place the bullion cube in. Bring your water back up to a boil. Once the water is boiling add your egg noodles and cook according the the time on the package. When the noodles are cooked remove from heat and add the chicken meat back into the pot. Add peper to taste and enjoy!

We finally headed out to 71st and got ourselves registered! I always feel bad for asking for gifts so I really don't like registering but everyone was asking where I was going to register at so I just broke down and did it. We went to Babies R Us and it was actually really fun scanning all the cute baby things! I also have a small registry at Target because I didn't want to limit people. Only a month until my first baby shower! I am kind of excited (I am also kind of nervous because I don't like crowds).

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  1. Wow Becca - you've got a lot down! I try to menu plan, but usually it's only for one week! Tonight I'm making yummy ritz chicken - Have you heard of that? It's super easy and not a lot of ingredients. Some of my other blogger friends and I have started a recipe blog (it's brand new) but I'll probably post it on my blog later. :)