Monday, April 6, 2009

Catching Up.

This weekend was considerably more busy then I thought it would be and I didn't have time to blog so get ready for a hodge podge catch up day.

First, Friday my computer got infected with a bad rootkit virus and I spent all day trying to eradicate it. Finally my brilliant hubby cornered it and killed it (knock on wood). He was so proud of himself since it was such an invasive little bugger.

Saturday we went out and bought some new decorations to update the house. I am in nesting mode and want to get the house all clean and decorated. So we bought a new basket to place fruit in for the centerpiece on the dinning room table. I think I will also take a picture of little man in this basket! I think it will be adorable :) We also picked up a new loveseat for the deck. We had two brown plastic chairs out there but it gets so windy out there that they spent most of the time blown over. This chair is made out of iron and wicker and I think will hold up much better in the elements. I am hoping to have the deck all colorful and flowery by midsummer. I am painting some cheap plastic planters with bright colored spray paint and next week if the weather gets warmer I will start planting in them. I can't wait!

Also my mother in law bought me this adorable mug! It's a little over a foot across and about 10 or so inches tall. I am going to photograph the baby in it as soon as he is able to hold his head up! I can't wait it's soooooo cute!

I broke down and bought a sweater to go with my favorite pair of overalls that I have for the baby! It was only 10 dollars and I think this outfit is going to be SO cute on him! I can't wait to get it!

I am still waiting for the test results from my gestational diabetes to come back. I called the doctor about an hour ago and am just waiting to get a call back.

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