Monday, April 27, 2009

Mushu gets a hair cut and more.

It's starting to get warmer now and my poor little doggy has been panting up a storm for the last week so I finally went to Walmart and bought some cheap sheers and gave him a hair cut. It looks so bad! He kept laying down and hiding his head like he was in trouble so I had a hard time doing anything other then his back. His ears, belly and bottom look terrible. Anyway I think the horrible hair cut looks adorable in ways only a puppy mom could love. It kind of makes me all nostalgic when ever he gets his fur cut because he becomes a lot lighter in color, it reminds me of when he was a puppy.

I went out and tried to practice a little more with my camera. I don't know if it is just me or what but all the pictures I take look so blurry. I guess I will just have to keep practicing. I really hope I get at least a little better before little man gets here other wise I will be very disappointed in the pictures I will take of him. Anyway, here is one of my practice shots from this morning.

And finally I took some pictures of the nursery. Our house is so tiny and so the babies room is no exception. It looks even smaller in the photos though...
It's not done yet so I just took pictures of the part I am through with (the crib area). I really love the green and white together! I am starting to get really excited and anxious about the baby's arrival! Just less then 10 weeks till my due date.


  1. The crib looks cute!!

    Can you post settings of your pics? That might help figure out what's going on. There is a really great photography site on my blog too if you don't get it figured out.

  2. Hey Allison, the settings are 1/200s 6.3fs ISO 100. The thing is that it's on macro setting and the DOF is very small so there is not a lot of room for error when it comes to focusing. I really think if I want to take macro shots I need to pull out the tripod. BLAH!