Thursday, April 23, 2009

This and That

It's amazing how tired I have become in the last few weeks. I didn't expect the exhaustion to hit this soon, but it seems like I do a load of dishes and I feel like I have been working in the fields in the baking sun for the past 12 hours...I mean come on it's dishes! And I have been in an OCD mood to clean and decorate (not unusual) and can't get anything done, it's driving me to drink (not literally, haha).
With the changes in my energy levels combined with some interesting leakage coming from my boobs, cramps that I think are BH contractions, and a growth spurt that has made me look WAY more pregnant then I did a week ago, it's starting to click that this kid has to come out of me and soon. I hit 30 weeks tomorrow and it seems like the time between when I first found out we were pregnant and now has gone by so fast. We are starting to get the nursery together again. We started about 10 weeks ago when we found out the gender and puttered out. Yesterday I painted his closet shelves, organized all his things in his closet and dresser, put together his boppy chair and hung lanterns over his bed! As soon as we get curtains and a lamp shade I will take and post pictures.
Yesterday my mom and I went to gather things for my small baby shower. I really hope people show up it seems like there is a lot going on in May with graduations and school ending. I would hate to show up to my party and it be just me and my mom, haha.
I played with my new birthday lens a bit more today. I thought I would try just a regular picture instead of trying to perfect macro. It's just that this lens is so darn heavy it's hard to keep steady and I think my pictures aren't as sharp as they could be. Anyway I took a picture of my very unwilling model (he WOULDN'T look at me).

Also, I have been drooling over Etsy again! This time it's wall decals. These things are just too yummy. I think I am going to buy one for the living room and make a nice canvas wall art thing for over my couch and one for little man's room. I am quite taken with these two (the flowers [found here] for the living room, the bird [found here]for his room).

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