Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Shower Day!

I had my baby shower today and it was so much fun! It turned out much nicer then I was thinking it would. I was actually quit worried because I am not one for parties and being the center of attention, but the games were fun, the food was good, and the presents were plentiful! My mother in law took tons of pictures of everyone and everything at the shower so I am waiting for her to send me those before I can post them. In the mean time I will post some pictures of my terrific presents.

I received:
A monitor, sweater, romper, 25 onesies, 4 sleepers, elephant receiving blankets, glow worm, hooded towel, striped blanket, bug toy, washcloths, airplane blanket, burp cloths, finger puppets, travel system, bath toy, bath tub, bath set, 4 bibs, 2 hats, socks, keepsake pillow, booties, bassinet, mittens, praying doll, sheets, binkies, binky holders, rattle, and more blankets.

1 comment:

  1. You got some good stuff!

    I love baby stuff!