Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 35/35 to me!

Today I am 35 weeks along with 35 days to go! It seems crazy that I only have 35 days! I am starting to panic and I need to clean my house and make lists and check them off! Jonathan wants me to rest as much as possible but in my head I am going AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so it's kind of hard to just sit there and rest.

I took pictures of myself today. They turned out kind of fuzzy so I ran them through a few processes and made them look old so the fuzziness wouldn't matter as much. My stomach is now just a stretch mark breeding ground and I am so terrified of what it will look like after it's not stretched out any more. You know when you blow a balloon up and then let the air out and then blow it up again and let it out again and do that 10 or so times well I have a feeling my belly will look like a balloon does after you do that to it.

Here are a few questions that I ran across when looking at other peoples blogs, I thought I would fill them out for fun.

How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 21 pounds (cry)
Maternity clothes? Duh, my pre maternity clothes laugh at me anytime I even think about them.
Stretch marks? Yes and they are copulating.
Sleep: I am extremely tired but I haven't slept through the night in 3 weeks. I get up to pee at least 3 times a night and toss and turn the rest of the time.
Best moment this week: Every moment I feel him move is a best moment.
Movement: Every day, but there are day's he doesn't move as much (like yesterday and today) and it freaks me out.
Food cravings: Right now I am not craving anything except a strawberry milkshake from Chik-Fil-A. My stomach has shrunk a lot and I can't get food in there as easily, but there is always room for milkshakes...
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: None really. I have had some braxton hicks contractions but nothing I can time so they don't count.
Belly Button in or out? slightly out and it's gross.
What I miss: Oh the things I miss! The list is long and some of it is tmi :) so we will just go with I miss a lot.
What I am looking forward to: Holding him for the first time. Feeling his warm body against mine!
Milestones: 35 weeks down 35 days to go! I think that's a pretty good milestone considering we thought I was infertal.

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