Monday, July 6, 2009

food and stuff

I think we are finally starting to settle into life as parents. Both of us are running on little sleep. I just have to say Jonathan is such a good husband and such a loving father. I am still pumping and so he helps out so much during the overnight feedings so I don't have to be up any longer then I have to. How is little man you might ask? Well, he is such a sweet baby. Fussy, but not too fussy. He is quite the eater and likes to eat every three hours NO MATTER WHAT. And he lets you know if you are not fixing the bottle fast enough. That boy has lungs!

Because we are getting bombarded with hospital bills and we have a new little one getting out and about is not an easy or feasible task, so we are eating in a lot. I am playing domestic diva and cooking a lot of homemade meals courtesy of pioneer woman cooks. The last meal I cooked was the sundried tomato pasta salad. I forgot to take a picture of how it turned out but it looks almost spot on like Ree's on her blog. Let me tell you what! This is a divine pasta and it just keeps getting better each and every day. The first day it was good, the second day is was very good, the third day it was coma inducing good. OMG I am getting excited just thinking about how good it was.

Tonight I am making this burger. I will try to remember to take a picture of it and post it later on.

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