Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello all those who follow my blog (all two of you I'm sure...haha). Life in our household has been a mess! Little man is going through a growth spurt (he is over 9 pounds...his rolls have rolls) I am sure and to top it off he has a little reflux. As soon as the evening hits his reflux flares up and he cries and cries in pain. I am so sad for him but at the same time it is wearing me down. I need my sleep! I always have. But in the morning when I wake up from my 2-3 hours of sleep and go in to his room and pick him up out of his crib to feed him I look at his face and I am instantly in love. Jonathan and I were talking the other day and everyone says your life will change when you have a baby. We always thought that meant that we would have less time to do things that we want to do but in reality we have plenty of time to do the things we want to do it's just the things we want to do have changed. Instead of going out to the mall or playing video games all day (or whatever we wanted to do before little man) now we want to hold him and comfort him and love him. We want to feed him and change him and play with him. Who knew a heart could hold so much love...who knew? I have been slacking on the picture taking. It's hard to put him down and take pictures of him. Especially when he is awake and wants to be held! But here are a few. First this one is from late June. It is him in his first pair of two piece jammies! They were so big on him and he was so cute! Sorry that I look such a fright. It was a long day and one of the hazards of being a newborn mommy is that you don't get to comb your hair or wax your eyebrows (I look like oscar the grouch). I did get to brush my teeth and put on deodorant that day...I think...well at any rate I clearly got to get dressed!

We went over to my parents for the Fourth of July! I can't wait till he is older and running around wanting to go swimming and wanting to buy fireworks and all the things I loved (and still love) to do on the 4th! Here is little buddy and his daddy wearing their red, white, and blue. I love my men!

And then today I took pictures! He loves to sleep all bundled up on our bed surrounded by pillows. Thank goodness for the monitor he is on otherwise we couldn't do this for risk of SIDS. That is one of the bad things about him getting off the monitor. I wish we could keep it for just when he is sleeping. That would be fabulous! I have him propped up at an angle to help with his reflux...hopefully it is helping.

Now on to non-super-cute-baby-things. Jonathan and I have decided that as soon as all the NICU bills come in and we start a payment plan with them to actually fix up the house. This is the whole point of buying a house is to DO things to it. We have been doing minor things like painting the bathroom but I want to do something major, something I couldn't do in an apartment. So we are going to upgrade the kitchen and the bathroom. First the kitchen. Here is the before picture. Yes my kitchen is tiny but it works for us. I love having a small house. It feels so cozy. Sorry for the mess I swear little man has a thing against me cleaning. Hopefully by the end of the year I can post the after picture.

We are wanting to put in granite tiles on the counter, in black and for the back splash glass tile! I LOVE GLASS TILE! This is the granite I want:

And this is the glass tile I want:

We also want to reface the kitchen cabinets, add new hardware, new lighting, new paint, and new faucet for the sink! It's going to be a lot of hard work! It makes me tired just thinking about it. And then you have Jonathan, who I know will be like "why do we have to do so much today, can't we do some tomorrow"...he always does this when we do a project, haha.

The other day I cooked another recipe from Pioneer Woman. It is Chicken Spaghetti. Now I don't normally like casseroles but I must say that this one was so yummy! It is comfort in a pirex dish!

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