Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting out the old Crock Pot

I just remembered I had this crock pot back in the back of my cabinet. It's all covered in dust and looking forlorn but with a good washing off we will be in business. I am having a heck of a time keeping up with the homemade meals now that little man has come on the scene and so in order for us to not be tempted down the expensive albeit convenient fast food rode of DOOM I thought I would give it a go. I remember as a kid mom making pot roast with carrots and potatoes in her crock pot and I hated it. I didn't like the flavor of the meat and because all the veggies were cooked with it they tasted like meat too. So we would have a slice of pot roast and the potatoes would get mashed up and the 'gravy' from the pot would be put on top of them and a side of the carrots. It would all taste the same...not to say my mom is a bad cook, she is not, she is a wonderful cook but we all have our downfalls. So I am going to try my hand at two crock pot recipes. I will make them and post pictures and then give my opinions (I am sure you are waiting on the edge of your seat, haha).Maybe by tomorrow I will have one posted :)
Sorry no pictures with this post but he is starting to wake from his too short of a nap and soon he will realize there isn't a bottle in his mouth and yet he is hungry.

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