Sunday, August 30, 2009

Metamorphmagus Blood? (a picture overload)

Yes, I am a shameless Harry Potter fan but it appears that my boy and I share what some could call a metamorphmagus tendency. While going through my pictures today I noticed how our hair and eyes both change depending on how the light hits it...that's what I am assuming anyway :)
Case in point, I have ash brown hair. Ask anyone to describe the color of my hair and they will say brown...maybe dirty blond but they would never say red but it is undeniably red, sometimes.


Here is my hair as 'seen' by others

And yet sometimes my hair is RED and I think to myself where did that come from!

And before you say it's just the couch casting a color cast what about this one against a black background:

Little man is the same way!
Brown hair:

And red?

And now lets talk about the eyes. Mine are green, a very bright kind of green at that. But sometimes they forget themselves and turn blue.

and blue?

And little mans can be 3 different colors! Grey and blue and then sometimes lavender!



And lavender:

Haha, probably no one will find this very interesting but I think it's crazy!

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