Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a day!

It's a pee soaked sheet, poop stained onesie, vomit covered changing pad kind of life.

Little man wakes up from his morning nap at 10:15 soaking wet in his "over night diaper" (good for 12 hours it says! 12 hours my fat pale ass!). And when I say soaking wet I mean urine is EVERYWHERE. He is up to his chest in pee, his blanket is covered in pee, my bed is soaked in pee. So I strip my bed, change his diaper and onesie, get his bottle ready and sit down to feed him. I swear with this boy if anything goes in stuff must also come out. So we are chugging along enjoying our bottle grunting and turning red faced every once in awhile when all of a sudden I hear a huge wet poo! He finishes the bottle and I get up to change him and of course he has rogue poo's that don't like to stay safely in the diaper, oh no, they have to climb up his back. So I put him on his changing pad and start the process of cleaning him up. Some how it has gotten up his back, down his legs, and on his left arm. I get his front cleaned up but in order to clean his back I must flip him over on his tummy. I do so and am quickly trying to remove sticky poo from his back when he gets up on his elbows and lifts his head and I hear liquid coming out of his front. Half of the contents of his bottle is now forming a puddle on his changing pad and then he can't hold his head up anymore and splat he face plants in to the puddle of curdled milk vomit. So I turn him over and go get a warm wet washcloth in order to wipe him down. I strip his bed because of course his pad is in his crib where I was changing it and subsequently the vomit that was on his laminated pad has slid off and now covers his sheets. I finally get a clean onesie on him and now I am exhausted.

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