Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Ode To My Soulmate!

I read posts on blogs and threads in forums written by truly funny and engaging people and I secretly (ok so I am posting on a public blog so maybe not so secretly) wish I was half as witty as they are. Where was I when the wit was being given out? I bet I was in line getting a second helping of awkward. Standing there in the awkward line like little Oliver Twist saying "please sir, can I have some more".

I am one of those people who talk before they think. You know the person who can bring a great down fall of uncomfortable silence to a room that was just seconds earlier laughing and joking, well that's me. And this was my social life before I found Jonathan. Luckily there is someone out there for everyone. He is my ticket it to the "cool" crowd (ok, not really cool but a crowd non the less). When I say something crazy he is able to break the silence for me. We are on the same wave length, we share the same sense of humor. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about me but him. So even though I wish I was witty, charming and engaging I don't have to be because I have my soul mate! He is my knight in shining armor coming to save me from a life time of uncomfortable silences and WTF-did-she-just-say stares.


  1. Oh wow, Becca, this is beautiful! You and Jonathan are like 2 bookends :-). Don't understimate all the wonderful things he has learned from you and oh man! the look in his eyes when he thinks and talks about his "flamily"!


  2. Hey! Love the picture too!