Thursday, August 6, 2009

We survived the 2 month shots!

Sort of...

It was the saddest thing.

I thought I had prepared myself for them. I knew they needed to be done and that it was good that I am protecting him from all those diseases.

The beginning went well. He was on the table he looked so happy and unaware, cooing at the doctor while he listened to his heart and breathing and looking around all interested and content with the world. Then when he was sitting on my lap he had the most fabulous poo and he seemed very content with that :)

The end of the appointment was horrible though. The nurse came in and he looked at her all bright eyed and then she gave him the first shot and it took a second to realize what happened and for his little sobs to break out.

When all three shots were over I picked him up and held him and the cries were so pitiful. They weren't the high pitched newborn screams but very mature, very deep sobs.

All the nurses came out to see the cute baby who was crying so pitifully. It broke my heart.

Shortly after that he feel asleep in his car seat and we got Tylenol in his system and he slept most of the day. Then the night came and he is usually an ok sleeper (especially now since we co-sleep). He is usually asleep from 10-4 and then from 4-7 but not last night. Last night he was up at 10 then at 1 then at 4 then at 7 and he wouldn't eat all his food and he LOVES food. He is only taking 2-3 oz and he usually takes 4 and wants more. I hope this doesn't last because I loved our routine.

Well I can't post in the blog with out sharing some pictures so here is little man  in my favorite footy pajamas (he still wears newborn at 2 months old).

oh and his stats for this month are:
10 lbs 12 oz
22 inches long
15 inch head circumference

I forgot to record what his 1 month stats were so I need to ask the doctor. I remember he was 9 lbs exactly but I am only 80% sure that he was 20 inches.

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