Monday, August 3, 2009

A whole lot of nothing much.

I love reading blogs. I am addicted to them you might say. That is why my list to the right with all the blogs that I read is constantly growing and growing. The other day I came upon a post in one of the blogs I visit that made me stop and think. Like a lot of women I think I am lacking in the beauty department. I could be thinner, my skin could be smoother, I could have better eye brows, my teeth could be straighter...the list goes on and on but this is me. Now the thing that really struck me from her blog post was this sentence right here:
"...the way God sees you all the time.
fresh from sleep.
before you are self-conscience..."
Before I am self-conscience the way God sees me. I would love to see me the way God see's me. So I sat my camera beside my bed one night and in the morning I snapped a picture. Jonathan seen them and laughed at the look on my face (nice one hon, I am trying to be deep and you ruin it). But this is me all blurry eyed and messy haired. Am I beautiful? Maybe not. Am I just the way God made me? Yes!

Here is a new recipe that I tried out! Homemade chicken pot pie! It's to die for. I got the recipe here. And I got the crust for the pot pie here. Try it, you'll like it :)

And last but not least it is time to celebrate little buddy's 2 month birthday! He weighs 11 lbs and is 22 inches long. He is starting to goo and gaa which is precious. He can hold his head up like a champ and can hold his weight up with his legs. I am still waiting for him to learn to smile but I am sure he will get that down soon.

And here is a few random pictures. First I took this really cute picture of him but it turned out blurry so I tried to save it by giving it a dreamy look.

And here is Daddy trying figure out how to play WoW and soothe little man at the same time. :)

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  1. Happy Monthday, adorable grandson!