Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas shopping

Jonathan and I decided to go on a date tonight. Food at Fuji's (that was a bust) and Christmas shopping for the boy. When I was pregnant I thought I wouldn't do a lot for Christmas this year. I had this idea that, #1 he wouldn't remember and #2 he would be just as happy with some dried beans in a plastic bottle and a wooden spoon as he would be with toys. I am still under that assumption. This first year isn't for him but for me. I am so excited to start traditions and one of those traditions includes dropping off the boy at one of the grandparents and going Christmas shopping for him. And so we did. After a fiasco at Fuji's involving disappointment and a promise of a return on Monday, we headed out to 71st street. Kohls was our first stop because with little man sleeping in his own crib we needed a sleep sack to help keep him warm (it's fairly cold in our house at night).

We purchased this:


I felt a little silly knowing he would wear a Christmas sleep sack for the next 2.5 months but Jonathan liked it and it helped us get into a more Christmasy frame of mind.

Also all the Fisher Price toys were 40% off so we bought him a couple of stocking stuffers.

Links (because everyone recommends them):

We got a really good deal on them and only paid $3.59.

A teether...toy...thing...called a Clutch and Shake Turtle.

Another good deal at $4.79. 

We then shot over to Target next door. We ended up with one stocking stuffer (or present, I am not it matters though, hehe) and a toy.

The stocking stuffer is his first sippy cup:

The leap frog drum (says letters in both English and Espanol!) :

Our last stop was Barnes and Nobles. It's a crime against nature to stop there and not get a pumpkin spiced latte and for some reason the soy variety kicks so much more ass then the regular milk variety. We also walked away with a SUPER cute book that has the most darling colorful pictures.

Check out the pages inside, too cute!

I think I want to get him at least one more toy, a couple of veggie tale DVD's, one more book and a sleeper or two. I would like to have a good range of things for him to use as he grows through out the coming year not just for Christmas time.


  1. He looks so snug and comfy in his sack. I'm so looking forward to shopping for him this Christmas :-)! Why was Fujis a bust?


  2. Because they only have the all you can eat sushi on weekdays and Friday doesn't count as a weekday even though people work! grrr.

  3. Friday is too a weekday - shame on them!