Saturday, October 3, 2009

Renaissance Woman!

It's 5 in the morning and little man is screaming his fool head off for the 3rd time. Just screaming for no reason. Is it his diaper? No, that was changed 30 minutes ago. Is he hungry? No, he was just fed 30 minutes ago. Is he lonely? No, he frickin' sleeps with us. Is mommy tired and has one eye that is twitching with crazy sleep deprived annoyance? Yes. So I get up to go to the bathroom and as I go to flush the toilet I hear a faint snap and the handle does nothing. No flush. No anything. So I take off the lid and flush it the good ol' fashioned manual way and head back to bed. I tell Jonathan the toilet is broke. "Broke? Broke how" he says. So I tell him how and off we both go like moths to the light. Must ask the all mighty Google. It will tell us what we need to know. So while little man is screaming on the bed we are both researching how to fix a toilet at 5 in the morning! Finally I go to the kitchen and get my cooking twine. Then I head to the bathroom and rig the toilet by tieing twine around the flush valve and the handle. So now my toilet flushes with string because that is how we roll around here. 

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  1. "My toilet flushes with string" ROTFL!