Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting Better at Tripoding

There they are, his adorable and oh-so-chubby froggy feet. It will be a sad day when he is to old to lounge around in footie pajama's with little faces on them. This picture just makes me want to squeal with delight, it is one that when he is all grown up and moved away I will dig out and cry over.

Last night we dressed our little guy up in his monkey suite and went off to Trunk or Treat to scope out what it's like for next year. That's our goal during his first year is to try to get together a list of fun things we can do as a family as he gets older. So far for Halloween we have found a fun pumpkin patch with every kind of pumpkin imaginable, slides, hay rides, face painting, etc. Trunk or Treat will definatly happen and I think we might also hit up HalloZOOween.
When we got home I tried to do some tummy time and sitting practice to wear him out before bed. This was the first time he has ever tripoded for so long. I set him up and he just sat there. He sat there long enough for me to gasp and clap, long enough for me to realize I should be taking picture, long enough for me to run into the living room and get out my camera and come back to the bedroom and take about 15 pictures and then for him to start crying because he was getting tired. I swear that kid sat up for a minute and a half maybe longer.

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