Thursday, November 5, 2009

He did it!

I haven't tried solids in about 2 weeks but the last time I tried them he threw a fit because the food wasn't a constnat flow like he had with his nipple. So I put the solids away to try again another day. I thought I would give them a whirl this afternoon on a whim. Lo and behold he understands the spoon! He even opened up before I got the spoon all the way to his mouth and he didn't cry when I took it away to get more! I didn't get any pics of this happening because it's just me, the boy and the dog. Me and the boy were busy and the dog takes crapy pictures.
I did however get pictures of his favorite activity, FIST SUCKING!


  1. Your baby boy is so cute, he has beautiful eyes. I also love the new lens.

    I'm Thinking about getting it soon as well!

  2. Thanks so much! You should definitely get the lens it is fabulous!