Friday, November 6, 2009


I figured out the video button on my little point and shoot camera so I have gone a little crazy with the videos.
The first is little man in his bouncer, he has just now figured out he can bounce. He use to just sit in it and smile and the toys. He especially loves the banana but yesterday he started bouncing. You can hear me in the background being an idiot. Please ignore that, haha.

Then there is little buddy sucking in on his bottom lip. You might remember me posting a picture of him doing this. It is so cute and he makes this little sucking noise sometimes when he does it. But of course when I try to get it recorded he doesn't do it. He was going to town on that bottom lip before I got the camera out and as soon as it came out he was too interested in the little red light on it to do much more then stare.

And finally we have the cute grunting sound he makes when he gets tired. He started this about a month and a half ago. When ever he gets tired instead of crying he makes this grunting sound like he is fighting against sleep. It is too cute. I like that he does it because I can always tell when he needs a nap, there is no mistaking that sound. He has also started to run the back of his head when he gets tired too, also cute.

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