Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Plant Morning Glory Seeds

Last year I discovered a love for morning glories. I know in many parts of the country they are considered an annoying weed; here in my little corner of the world, however, they are a joy to grow.

I have read that in some places morning glories propagate themselves, I am not so lucky. I need to help mother nature a long.

  • To start gather a plastic zip-lock bag, a serrated knife (or sand paper), some water, and a paper towel (I didn't have paper towels so I used a coffee filter). 
  • Nick the back of the seed or rub it a couple times with sandpaper. (A morning glory seed is shaped similar to a lemon wedge, you want to cut the widest side). 

  • Fold the paper towel so it fits into your bag and slide it in. 
  • Wet the paper towel with your water (you want it more then damp but not TOO wet). 
  • Place the seeds on top of your paper towel and seal up the bag. 
  • Lay the bag in a sunny spot. (I let mine sit for about 15 hours)

When you see the seed casing crack open and a little "tail" poking out then you know they are ready.

  • I then take a small spade (I couldn't find mine so I used a large spoon) and dig my hole for the seed. The hole I make is about 2" deep and 2"' wide.
  • Fill the hole with some potting soil and mix it into the dirt that is already there. I have really sandy soil so this helps give the seed a little boost.
  • Place two seeds in the hole and cover with about 1/4" of dirt. 
  • Water well. 

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