Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday Balloon Pictures

Yesterday I posted a couple of outtakes from the birthday balloons photo shoot we did on Tuesday. If you recall it was a total disaster! I was able to salvage 4 from the wreckage.


Notice the stick that was more interesting than the balloons...

Here he is slightly annoyed with the green balloon encroaching on his space.

This one is way blown but I think the slightly bemused look on his face is too cute.

Smash cake pictures to come soon.


  1. I am loving the balloon pictures! Needless to say...wallpaper! :-)

  2. These are so good, did you take them?!?!? wow!

    P.S. Picture #1 belongs on a birthday card!

  3. Thanks!

    Ana - Did you see the outtakes? The wind was horrible I am so lucky I got these 4.

    Amanda - I did take them :)

  4. The outtake where his eyes are closed and he's reaching up to the balloons is my favorite - that's the one that's my wallpaper!

  5. Just now making my d-list blog rounds. Your pitures are fantastic. I assume you're a pro? Love them. Also? I think your header is adorable as well. Love that you drew it yourself. I'm adding you to my google reader, m'dear!

  6. Krista-Thanks so much! I am not a pro. Just a mommy with a love of photography. Thanks for the complement on the header. I am pleased as punch with how it turned out.

  7. I cannot wait to see the smash cake pictures! I have an award for you, head over to my blog to receive it!

  8. These are so very cute! I also have a blog award for you! Love your pictures! : )