Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 Birthday Photo Shoot Outtakes

If you recall Tuesday I made a smash cake.

After an all too short morning nap, the family piled in the car and rode off in search of balloons. Not just any balloons though. We needed 5 helium filled balloons in different colors with vibrant ribbons coming off the ends. Momma had plans.

I could picture it now. A cute round beach ball of a boy sitting in a green park setting with a kaleidoscope of balloons all around him, laughing gleefully up at them as they floated serenely above. As he did this I would snap picture after picture getting shots better then I could even imagine.

Yeah right...if only.

This is how it really happened. As we got there the overcast sky that was promised the night before was in reality a cloudless sea of blue with the sun radiating down in mockery of me. The wind was atrocious and blowing the balloons this way and that (and eventually popping the red one). My son, who if you recall was suppose to be infatuated with the balloons, preferred to eat the dirt, leaves, sticks, and grass that surrounded him rather than even glance at the colorful orbs that hovered above. As for my snapping fabulous images...well....I am sure you can guess how that turned out.

To make matters even worse as soon as we got home from this ordeal the sky turned extremely overcast and the wind died down completely. Typical. Really, just typical.

Here are two outtakes from the day.


Oh no! They are in my hair! Get them out! Get them out! Get them out! 


HELP! They are attacking me! WHY!!!!!!


  1. I say you still got some great photos. You will look back on these and laugh (if you aren't already laughing now).
    Your little guy is so cute! My son has the same outfit :)

  2. Oh, I am laughing. I do love them! And isn't the outfit too cute?