Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Man's Smash Cake or How NOT To Make A Cake

Anonymous Narrator: World meet the worlds worst cake baker.

World: (all together) Hi worlds worst cake baker.

Anonymous Narrator: Worlds worst cake baker, meet world.

Me:  ::waves sadly at world:: Hi world.

There now that we have got our introductions out of the way let's move on to my embarrassment of a cake.

I wanted to do smash cake pictures with Little Man. I am sure you have seen them, they are all the rage for one year old photo shoots. Cute little cherub faces covered with cake bits and frosting - I can't think of a better way to remember your one year old!

In order to accomplish this cake smash photo shoot I wanted to make his cake for it. You know the deal, the whole labor of love thing.

So yesterday morning I set to work. I got out the eggs, the oil, the box of cake mix (this makes it even more embarrassing because not only did I fail at making a cake, I failed at making a BOX cake), etc.

I mixed and I baked and I food colored until eventually I had my cake stacked and ready to frost.
Look at the pretty colors of icing! 
Cake before stacking and cake after stacking.

Here is the result!
Oh what a mess. I couldn't get the frosting smooth to save my life and if you look closely the cake fell on one side because Little Man kept stomping around the oven on his hands and knees shaking the whole kitchen.

Oh well he was just going to smash it and it was made with love.


  1. It's adorable and it's the thought that counts! I think your cake will be perfect for his smash cake session. Plus, you'll only see one side in the cake shot...all the other shots will be of destruction. lol

  2. Awww... I actually LOVE it! It is a smash cake afterall, it doesn't have to be perfect! ;)

    P.S. Any chance you tried putting it in the fridge between each step? That works wonders for me when building layer cakes. :)