Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New Look and Other Random Stuff

While perusing other mommy blogs I noticed the trend of cute little cartoon women, holding their cute little cartoon babies and/or engaging in some cute little cartoon activity and I wanted nothing more then to jump on that bandwagon. So I asked around where everyone got their toon people and went to hunt down a toon of my own.

I spent 2 days trying to find the one that I thought would be perfect (and that wasn't used by fifty other mommy bloggers) and when I finally found one I went to go see how much it was. I was shocked. 19 dollars! (Note to self: find out how much things are BEFORE you waste 2 days searching).

Now 19 dollars is all fine and good when you are not trying to scrap together money for a bigger home, but we are, so a tiny bit saddened I looked for ways to make my own.

This is where the stick figures come in. You see I am not a very good drawer. You might even go so far as to say that I am a crappy drawer. And so by necessity I was forced into the stick figure camp.

I spent all day drawing my sick-figure-mom and my stick-figure-boy. I must admit I am proud of them. They are much better then I thought I was capable of doing. I realize they are a little big and I hope you forgive me for that but I like big banners.


Skipping to a totally different stream of thought let's discus songs that get stuck in your head. WHY for the love of Pete does this happen?!? I have two songs that get stuck in my head lately. This one by Slipknot and this one which I heard on a preview for a game my brother plays. I love both of these songs but I mean come on!! There is only so many loops of it you can take.


Another note I won a drawing on D-List Mom's and my prize arrived in the mail yesterday! It's his birthday shirt and it's perfect!

wsbshirt (1 of 1)


  1. Congrats - what a cute shirt!

  2. love the stick figures! did you draw it in paint or PS? or did you draw IRL, then scan?

  3. Thanks! I drew them in CS3.

  4. Very cute!! You did an awesome job!