Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Library Trip

What can I say, my boy loves to read. We have a small collection of board books and picture books that we spend at least an hour reading him every day. It wasn't too long after we began this ritual that I began to memorize the word and now I don't even have to look at the book to be able to read it to him. It was definitely time for a trip to the library.

We didn't get him his own card because Jonathan and I both remember getting our first card and how special it was so we wanted to wait until he could remember also.

We did check out tons of books though. He was overwhelmed at the all the books and spent a lot of the time cackling maniacally. It was cute but creepy, haha.

It was a little dark in there even with the big windows so the pictures aren't very good.

wslibrary  (1 of 6)

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 Reading is serious business ^


  1. Hi. I've been following your blog for several months, because your photos are so beautiful. Do you have any tips on how you get such sharp pictures? Thanks!

  2. Andrea- Thank you.
    I use a DSLR and the quality between that and a point and shoot is night and day. I also recommend natural light when available or an external flash with defuser when not. Mainly it's all about focus (which I achieve by toggling and back button focusing), a high enough shutter speed (I like to keep it above 130), and a steady hand (I find myself anchoring my elbows against my body and holding my breath when I take a shot). And of course practice. I hope that makes sense :)