Monday, August 16, 2010

Splash Park and Snocone in Pictures...

...and words. :)

They have been doing a lot of work on Riverside for the last year. One of the projects included a brand new splash park and it is fabulous!
There is a hot dog/drink/snack vendor,  a snow cone seller with every flavor you could think of, nice restrooms, play equipment with soft material underneath to prevent major hurts, and of course water features! All nestled next to the lovely river.
I have been wanting to take the boy there for quite sometime but I just didn't feel like he was ready for it (there are a lot of kids there) but now that he is starting to get more comfortable on his feet we decided to make the trek up there.

At first he was not impressed - like at all.
wswaterparkdarkfix (1 of 1)
^not impressed face 

Then he started to come around.
wswaterparkdark (2 of 3)

wswaterpark (8 of 4)

wswaterpark (6 of 4)

wswaterparklight (5 of 3)

After he a while he started getting hot and kind of turning red (that sun was too hot to stay out in it for very long). So we decided to go sit in the shade and we bought him his first snocone. He was in heaven!

wssnoconepark (6 of 8)

wssnoconepark (1 of 8)

Every time he would have a bite he would get this look on his face and do a little shivery dance. It was too cute.
wssnoconepark (3 of 8)

wssnoconepark (4 of 8)

Dad is not feeding it too him fast enough.
wssnoconepark (5 of 8)

And here he is with a big ole mouth full of it.
wssnoconepark (2 of 8)

All in all we had a great time and will definitely be returning.