Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas Photos A Little Late...

With selling the house, packing, buying a house, moving, and my hard drive dying I haven't got a chance to show off Christmas pictures.

I don't have many but here are a few. Two from our house and one from his Grammy's house. He is wearing his cute little Christmas Spongebob jammies that his Grammy bought him.

Here he is opening his gift. It took him awhile to figure out the concept of tearing off the wrapping paper.
wsChristmas (2 of 4)

Here he is playing with his new toys! BLOCKS!
wsChristmas (3 of 4)

He's not too sure about his Elmo plane.
wsChristmas (4 of 4)


  1. He's so cute! I've missed seeing photos of him!

    Btw - I don't think I sent you an invite to my new (private) blog I don't think? If you want to read, PM me your email and I'll get an email out to you! :)