Monday, January 31, 2011

Reclaiming Toys

Before we moved I went through Jacobs old toys and pulled everything that he was too old for and packed it away in a storage tub for the new little one to use.

Well, since we have been getting Emma's room ready Jacob has discovered this treasure chest of old memories and has reclaimed some of the toys as his again.

This includes his old glow worm (which he hated as an infant). He totes it around cuddling with it, going awe to it and making it sing. It's quite adorable.

Gah! Look at that curly hair, I really should cut it but I don't have the heart. 

wsemmastoys (2 of 5)

Oh a great discovery! An old teething rattle.

wsemmastoys (1 of 5)

Here he is with his glow worm. He looked rather confused when I told him that we were going to give it to Emma.

wsemmastoys (5 of 5)

wsemmastoys (4 of 5)

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