Friday, April 15, 2011


I have been informed by the powers that be (ie my mother) that I don't post enough pictures of Emma. Well in my defense she is pretty boring at this age. You have your choice of pictures of her pooping, eating, screaming, sleeping, or scowling. However, to appease the masses (again ie my mother, haha) here she is in all her scowly glory.

wsemmamac (2 of 2)


Side note: Please excuse her eyes, it's hard to take a picture of them and they not look like they do here because they are like stinkin' mirrors.


  1. So cute!! We have that outfit too!

  2. Yay for pictures of Emma! I'm siding with your mom, you don't share enough of her! :p It's okay if she doesn't do much right now, she's soooo cute! :) Also, I think her eyes look fine!

  3. Haha, stop gaining up on me. :) Thanks for the reassurance of on her eyes Barb!