Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Small Look Into My Day Today

A sampling of random phrases I have said today:

"Jacob don't drive the ambulance on your sisters head."
"Why are you eating your snack in the dryer?"
"Did you drop your monkey in the toilet?"
"Jacob! Did you put the phone in the dishwasher?"
"Please don't sit in the broiler."

And here is a snippet of what my day looked like:

I hear the phone ring but can't find it. Eventually I locate it in the dishwasher...
I hear Jacob yelling from the laundry room. I walk in to find him in the dryer with his stuffed monkey eating his mid morning snack. I get him out and go tend to Emma who is fussing in her boppy.
I hear the answering machine playing back all old messages. I go into the bedroom and find that he has climbed up on a chair and then on to the desk and is standing on top of the desk pushing the buttons on the answering machine. I get him down and go feed Emma her mid morning bottle.
I hear Jacob yelling from the kitchen. I walk in to find him sitting in the broiler. I get him out and go tend to Emma who is fussing in her swing.
Emma, Jacob and I are in the laundry room trying to fold clothes. Suddenly Jacob runs out giggling. I finish folding the clothes and find him in his room with my bra on...crazy kid. I take the bra off (after pictures, haha) and go tend to Emma who...you guessed it...is fussing in her boppy seat.
I hear the pantry door open and paper crinkling. I go into the kitchen and peak into the pantry and there Jacob stands with a chocolate chip cookie in each hand and chocolate all over his face. He looks at me and say's 'gookie' and grins. I am a bad momma and lets him finish one of the cookies (I eat the other one).
I go feed Emma her afternoon bottle.
I hear water splashing around in the bathroom and Jacob saying uh-oh (NEVER a good sound) I walk in the bathroom and there is his monkey sitting in the toilet.

I am done, it's nap time for all the kids! Here's hoping to a better afternoon. I did get 7 loads of laundry finished at least. wsin the dryer (2 of 6)
wsin the dryer (6 of 6)
wsin the dryer (5 of 6)
wsin the dryer (4 of 6)

And blackmail for when he is older :)
wswhatintheworld (3 of 3)
wswhatintheworld (1 of 1)


  1. So cute! It sounds like it's been one of those days!


  2. Good thing they are cute, right? ;)